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Cashmere Shawls Stoles

Cashmere shawls and stoles in the list are pure form of cashmere textile. The term cashmere was given to these shawls, because this kind of textile was hand woven and first woven in Kashmir from fine cashmere fiber(15-19 microns). The cashmere fiber is obtained from a mountain goat called capra hircus laniger as well as other goats. Compared to sheep's wool, this is finer and softer. Raw fires are processed through steps, like de-hairing, washing, carding and spinning/knitting/weaving/crocheting. These soft, shiny and skin friendly shawls and stoles are created in solid colors and prints, such as stripes, polka dots, etc.

Key Points:

  • These shawls and stoles when wrapped around shoulders feel soft and warm.
  • These are light weight, soft, fine in texture and strong in nature.
  • These shawls look fabulous when draped over a suit or saree.
  • The stoles can be draped around neck in different styles.
Product Image (SM-CASH 001)

Cashmere stoles

  • Gender/Age Group:Women
  • Size:70x200 cm & Custom
  • Pattern:Plain
  • Type:Cashmere Shawl
  • Knitting Type:Hand Made
  • Material:Cashmere Wool
  • Color:As per choice
  • Product Type:Pure cashmere shawls
  • Supply Ability:3000 Per Day
Product Image (SM-CASH 012)

Cashmere Stole

  • Supply Ability:3000
  • Product Type:Cashmere silk shawls
  • Color:As per choice
  • Size:70x200 cm ,90x200 cm
  • Pattern:Plain
Product Image (SM-Cashmere shawls)

100% Cashmere Herringbone Shawl

  • Type:Cashmere Shawl
  • Knitting Type:Hand Made
  • Gender/Age Group:Unisex
  • Size:70x200 cm & Custom
  • Pattern:Other
  • Product Type:Pure Cashmere
  • Usage:Daily
  • Closure:Other
  • Supply Ability:3000
Product Image (SM-CASH 009)

Cashmere Shawls Two Ply

Our complete range has a beautiful Cashmere Shawls Two Ply, available in assorted colors and unique designs to choose from. A great addition to your fashionable winter wardrobe, this shawl is available in an attractive gift wrap. These are woven using very fine and soft cashmere wool. Traditionally crafted by experienced artisans, our entire stock is best known for its light weight, soft and skin friendly texture.  

Product Image (SM-CASH 007)

Cashmere Shawl twill weave

Exclusively handcrafted by some of the exerpeicned artisans, this Cashmere Shawl Twill Weave is just perfect for any season and occasion. Best accessory for every day wear, these shawls are specially designed in twill weave pattern. Unique and exclusive gifts for your loved ones, these shawls are excellent in terms of both style and warmth. Our complete collection has soft, warm and luxurious feel to it.

Product Image (SM-CASH 008)

Pure Cashmere Shawls stoles

Pure Cashmere Shawls Stoles are the perfect accessory to carry when you go out for a meeting or party. Wrap around your neck in style or carry them on your shoulder, these are perfect for the chilly cold days. Our complete collection is handcrafted by experienced artisans using traditional method of weaving. Available with an excellent feel of softness and luxury, these are designed of very fine and cashmere wool.

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Cashmere Shawls

The Chashmere Shawls are super warm yet very light in weight. These shawls are traditionally woven using pure quality cashmere wool and other materials. In tune with the latest trends, our entire collection goes well with both modern and traditional attires. Can be hand washed or dry-cleaned, these shawls are good to carry in chilly winters while you are traveling. It comes in a myriad of assorted colors and unique patterns.

Product Image (SM-CASH 004)

Kashmir Shawls

These Kashmir Shawls are well matched for every season. Make perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones, these shawls are traditionally crafted and woven in Kashmir by experienced artisans using dyed yarns made from very fine and soft merino wool. These shawls are known to provide utmost warmth and comfort to the wearer. Good for every occasion and fashion, these shawls complement and add more style to any of your outfit.

Product Image (SM-CASH 003)

Cashmere Pashmina Shawls

These Cashmere Pashmina Shawls are great to carry in a formal meeting or an evening party. The fabric used in designing the shawls is an excellent blend of pashmina wool and silk. This combination makes the shawls versatile in designs and styles. Can be styled as a scarf, wrap or stole, our wide range comes in a variety of colors and patterns to meet your individual preferences. Lightweight, luxurious, soft and warm in nature, these shawls should be dry- cleaned.

Product Image (SM-CASH 006)

Indian Cashmere Stoles

The Indian Cashmere Stoles have a very soft and gentle feel on the skin. Must have winter accessories; these stoles are extremely warm, luxurious and light weight. These stoles are designed as unisex accessory for chilly winters. Available for clients in classic designs and subtle colors to meet their individual style statements, these stoles are the great additions to your winter wardrobe. In addition, these stoles also make the perfect gifts for all occasions.  

Product Image (SM-CASH 002)

Cashmere Stole

Our wide selection of Cashmere Stole is lightweight and easy to carry. Perfect for office wear and casual wear, these stoles are easy to style with the attire for a wedding, party and cocktail in chilly winters. Experience the soft luxurious feel of cashmere with our stoles. In our wide and exclusive range, you can find the vibrant as well subtle colors perfect for any occasion. Our collection is designed using a soft blend of silk and cashmere wool.